Get Involved

Blue Team

Compete for the trophies by defending your network and services from the red team! The blue teams make up the main competitors at the CDC. There are a variety of different competitions for a range of skill and age levels.

ISU Students

Defend your network in the ISU CDCs which take place in late September and early March. The easiest way to hear about registration is through the Information Assurance Student Group (IASG), a computer security club on campus associated with the Information Assurance Center. If you are not involved in IASG and do not wish to be, send an email to ISEAGE explaining your interest in participating in the CDC, or send a blank email to to join our mailing list for information on future events.

Community College Students

Participate in C3DC (Community College Cyber Defense Competition) each year at the beginning of November! Ask your professors if your college is involved; and if not, please email ISEAGE with your interest!

Other College Students

Come to the NCDC (National Cyber Defense Competition) at the beginning of February every year. The top two or three teams from ISU CDC and C3DC are invited to compete with teams from other colleges around the country. We are always looking for new colleges/universities that would like to compete in this competition. Please contact ISEAGE if you are interested in participating.

High School Students

Participate in the IT-Olympics program through ISEAGE and show off your skills at the IT-Olympics CDC in April! Anywhere from 25-40 teams from schools across Iowa come to Hilton Colosseum in Ames every year for the event. Ask your school technology teacher or contact how to get involved in your school’s team or email ISEAGE if you are interested in participating and your school has not been involved before.

Red Team

Practice your hacking techniques and support the CDC by volunteering to be a red team member. Free food and drink are also provided for red team members as well as the red team t-shirt. ISEAGE keeps up a list of potential red team members and emails them before every CDC inviting them to come participate. If you are a professional in the field of information security or are studying to be one, you are encouraged to contact ISEAGE to tell them to add your email to the list.

Green Team

Spend a Saturday immersed in the engaging CDC environment by volunteering to be on the green team. Green team members are also provided with free food and drink as well as the green team t-shirt. If you are interested in volunteering at an upcoming CDC, please contact that CDC’s director.

White Team

The white team’s role in the CDC is to manage the whole competition. It consists of the competition director, ISEAGE network engineers, and other administrative staff. Only ISEAGE employees and CDC veterans are able to take part in the white team.

Competition Sponsor Opportunities

Become a sponsor and help support our Cyber Defense Competitions! Learn more