Upcoming Events for 2018-2019

Event contact: cdc_support@iastate.edu

Fall 2018

Iowa State University Fall

Set up: September 28th
Competition: September 29th
Director: Joel Wacker
Location: Coover TLA

Community College

Set up: November 30th
Competition: December 1st
Director: To be Announced
Location: Coover TLA

Spring 2019


Set up: February 1st
Competition: February 2nd
Director:  To be Announced
Location: Coover TLA

Iowa State University Spring

Set up: March 29th
Competition: March 30th
Director:  To be Announced
Location: Coover TLA


Competition: April 27th
Director:  To be Announced
Location: Howe Hall (new location)

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Events for 2018-2019

  1. Kris Mortensen

    I am interested in starting up/mentoring a blue team at Dallas Center Grimes High School… is it too late to get started? How do I get started?


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