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ITOCDC13: Shell Server and the Service Scanner

Some of you may have noticed this error on IScorE:


IScorE’s scanner is only compatible with SSH version 2. In order to remedy this you’ll need to edit your SSH config file (most likely /etc/ssh/sshd_config). Make sure the Protocol directive is set to 2 and the HostKey lines are uncommented (comments begin with a # symbol), as shown below:


Afterwards, restart the SSH daemon by issuing “service ssh restart” as root. (Note: this command may vary by platform. If nothing else, rebooting the server will apply the changes).

Introducing the vSphere Web Client

Some teams have been experiencing some issues with editing the settings of your VMs. We’ve been trying to nail down the root cause, but in the mean time we’ve come up with an alternate solution: introducing you to the vSphere Web Client.


So far you’ve been using the desktop-based VMware vSphere Client to log in to vCenter. There is another method for access: the vSphere Web Client, the icon for which you can find on the desktop of the RDP hop. The Web Client is new to ISEAGE this year, and will eventually become the main method of accessing vCenter as the original vSphere Client is slowly deprecated. More importantly for our purposes, it has far fewer issues with permissions.

As with the vSphere Client, you can check the box to automatically use your CDC credentials, and you’ll need to ignore the certificate error. The Web Client also has some new features not found in the old vSphere Client, so we encourage you to familiarize yourself with it; when you arrive on-site, you will be able to access the Web Client directly on your laptops.