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Teams and Sponsors from Fall ISU CDC

Below are the images of the teams from the 2014 Fall ISU CDC. Thanks to all who participated! We had over 75 participants and 16 teams.

We would like to especially thank our sponsors, Boeing and PricewaterhouseCoopers for their generous support!

Left:  PricewaterhouseCoopers; Right: Boeing

Left: First Place, Team 1; Right: Second Place, Team 17

Left: Third Place, Team 1; Right: Team 1, Team Awesome

Left: Team 2, 414 – Expectation Failed; Right: Team 4, Initech

Left: Team 5, 404 Team Not Found; Right: Team 7, Smash the Stack

Left: Team 9, Mods Mods Mods Mods; Right: Team 10, GGnoRE

Left: Team 11, Eccentric Dolphin Kickers; Right: Team 12, BetaTeam

Left: Team 13, Out Cloud Is Leaking; Right: Team 15: Red Pandas

Left: Team 17, CARL FOR THE WIN; Right: The Krusty Clowns


Fall ISU CDC Original Images and Anomalies Now Available!

The provided images are now available for download. Keep in mind these images have vulnerabilities and should not be run in sensitive environments!

The anomalies are also available at the link above.

The VMs can be run using the free VMware Player or the non-free VMware Workstation, which may be provided by your academic institution. If you’d like to run these on a local ESXi server instead, grab VMware vCenter Converter Standalone to convert them to the correct format. (You’ll need to register a free account with VMware to download ESXi and vCenter Converter).