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2018 Nationals Remote Access & Scenario

Blue Teams,
My name is Daniel Limanowski and I am the competition director for the 2018 NCDC. I work at the Information Assurance Lab, ISEAGE, at Iowa State University under Dr. Doug Jacobson. In addition to myself, there are several others on staff who are working to put on this CDC. They are: Grant Foudree, Matthew Burket, William Rickert, Nathan Mulbrook, Joel May, Joel Wacker, Alex Scheel, and Keane O’Kelley.

The scenario for the 2018 NCDC has been released and is available in the email sent to Blue Teams.

The rules for the competition are located here:
The “Getting Started” section of the rules will explain a few things about the competition environment:
The “Setting Up a Server” section of the rules will help you get your services online:

Remote setup is now officially open. Remote setup will be open until February 1st, 2018 when we will close for a few hours and then reopen later that day. I will send out more details on this in the coming weeks.

Remote Access to vCenter is located here:

NOTE REGARDING HMIs: For power and water HMI applications, be sure to locate the configuration files for both and update the IP addresses to point to your SCADA Devices box (x.x.x.60).

Below are some important dates to be tracking:
1) Scenario released, begin remote setup (NOW!)
2) Remote access goes down for a few hours (February 1st, 2018…hours TBA)
3) On-site Setup Phase in Ames, IA (February 2, 2018…12:00PM – 10:00PM)
4) On-site Attack Phase & Debrief in Ames, IA (February 3, 2018…8:00AM – 5:00PM)

If you have any questions please email us at
Also, you can get support on support chat at

Doug Jacobson, the ISU Information Assurance Center, and the ISEAGE staff are looking forward to another exciting, eventful competition.

Good luck and have fun!

Daniel Limanowski

2018 National CDC Teams

Signup for the 2018 National Cyber Defense Competition (NCDC) is now closed. If a school is still interested in sending a team, please send an email to

We are proud to host the following 20 teams representing 16 different schools across the United States competing in the 2018 NCDC (note that team numbers are not necessarily in order and only identify a team):

  • Team 1: Lewis University Flyers
  • Team 2: SaGe
  • Team 3: secdaemons
  • Team 4: NULLify
  • Team 5: KU-Edwards
  • Team 6: KCC
  • Team 7: University of Northern Iowa
  • Team 8: Bradley University
  • Team 9: ISU
  • Team 10: 404 Team Not Found
  • Team 11: KU Lawrence Jayhackers
  • Team 12: KSUCDC
  • Team 13: A Team has No Name
  • Team 14: The University of Texas at San Antonio
  • Team 16: FeathersUp
  • Team 17: Tr0j4nr4bb17
  • Team 19: RTFM
  • Team 20: RTFM2
  • Team 21: Tr0j4nh0r53
  • Team 22: NorseForce

More details to come by January 8th at the latest regarding remote setup and the beginning of the competition!


Daniel Limanowski

NCDC Director

2018 National CDC Details

Remote access open, scenario released. Click here for more.


My name is Daniel Limanowski and I am your Director for the 2018 Iowa State University National CDC (NCDC). This page details everything your school needs to know about signing up for the NCDC, so be sure to read through it all!


Note that this video is NOT representative of the official scenario document and may be subject to change.

Important Dates: The following list contains dates relevant to the NCDC.
1) Signup opens (November 14, 2017)
2) Signup closes (December 8, 2017 at 11:59PM)
3) Scenario deployed, begin remote setup (TENTATIVE: January 8, 2017 +/- a few days!)
4) On-site Setup Phase in Ames, IA (February 2, 2018…12:00PM – 10:00PM)
5) On-site Attack Phase & Debrief in Ames, IA (February 3, 2018…8:00AM – 5:00PM)

Signing up: All 4-year universities in the U.S., a select number of community colleges, and ONE of the top three teams from the Fall ISU CDC are all invited to sign up and compete in the NCDC. ISEAGE is placing a firm cap of 25 teams for this competition. The list of teams competing is generated on a first-come, first-serve basis with respect to the time your school signed up.

Each school, whether it be 4-year or community college, is allowed to send exactly one team of UP TO eight student competitors to represent their school. Extra teams under the same school will be removed if extra teams signup.

Once signup closes, an email will go out (and we will post on with the exact list of teams competing.

Each competitor needs to sign up and join their school’s team, which the captain can create. Please be sure to label your “Organization” as your school’s name upon team creation. Signup closes on December 8th, 2017 at 11:59PM. Head to to get started.

Lodging/Travel: The competition takes place in Coover Hall on the Iowa State Campus in Ames, Iowa. A separate email will be sent out in the next two weeks regarding hotel event/conference discount rates. ISEAGE does not accommodate for lodging or travel and it is the responsibility of teams to handle this themselves.

Livestream: ISEAGE will be livestreaming the on-site setup and attack phase of the NCDC on – feel free to share the link with anyone who wants to tune into the event.

Questions: Any and all CDC-related questions must be sent to

We will be detailing ISEAGE staff support methods in further emails just before the remote setup phase begins.

ISEAGE is proud to present the 2018 Iowa State University National CDC and we hope to see your school competing.

Daniel Limanowski

National Cyber Defense Competition 2017

The results are in! Here are the top three teams from the 2017 National CDC that took place on February 4th.

1st place goes to Team1:Team Soviet Bear

2nd place goes to Team 18: Tr0j4nh0r53

3rd place goes to Team 8: SYNergy


Finally, we’d like to extend a big thanks to all of the staff, volunteers, and sponsors who made this event possible. We hope to see all of the teams back at our future competitions.

The Results Are In!

Your 2016 National Cyber Defense Competition winners are:

1st place: Team 2: Watching the Watchers


2nd place: Team 9: 404 Team Not Found


3rd place: Team 15: Nullify from UNO


Congratulations teams on your success in this year’s competition. Thank you to all of the teams that participated. We hope you enjoyed the competition and that we see you again next year.

We would like to give a big thanks to all of the sponsors and volunteers that made this event successful.

The 2016 National Cyber Defense Competition is approaching!

On February 13th, the winners of the Fall CDC and the Community College CDC as well as teams from universities all over the country will be participating in the 2016 National Cyber Defense Competition. As always teams will face the ultimate test of their cyber security skills as the red team attempts to bring down their defenses and steal their flags.

However, this year there’s an added twist. For the first time the National CDC will be a cyber-physical competition. This means the systems that the teams are securing will also control a power station and water distribution plant simulated with hardware. The work the teams put in will make the difference between darkness and light for the population of this simulated town.

The 2016 National CDC is sure to be a unique and challenging experience for everyone involved.

National Cyber Defense Competition Results

The National Cyber Defense Competition was this Saturday. Thank you to the eleven teams that competed!

1stPlace_Team2_Smash_The_Stack2ndPlace_Team7_Team GNU_Awesome
First Place (left): Team 2 Smash the Stack from Iowa State University
Second Place (right): Team 7 Team GNU/Awesome from Iowa State University

Third Place (left): Team 4 Behind 9 Proxies from Kansas State University
Team 1 CARL (right)

Team 2 Smash the Stack from Iowa State (left)
Team 3 CatBear from Northwest Missouri State University (right)

Team 4 Behind 9 Proxies from Kansas State University (left)
Team 5 Flaming Trex from Kirkwood Community College (right)

Team 7 Team GNU/Awesome from Iowa State University (left)
Team 8 BROForce from University of Nebraska Omaha (right)

Team 9 403 Forbidden from University of Northern Iowa (left)
Team 10 Children of the Kernel from Upper Iowa University (right)

Team 11 sI Train from University of Northern Iowa (left)
Team 12 99 Problems But Security Ain’t One from Des Moines Area Community College (right)

2014 National CDC in the news!

Hey everyone,

We made the news! The local TV stations picked us up:
13 (WHO):
8 (KCCI):

So did the newspapers:
Ames Tribune:
Iowa State Daily:

NCDC13 Original Images now available!

The four provided images are now available for download. Keep in mind these images have vulnerabilities and should not be run in sensitive environments!

NCDC13_Web | NCDC13_Shell | NCDC13_Exchange | NCDC13_DC

These files are also mirrored here.

The VMs can be run using the free VMware Player or the non-free VMware Workstation, which may be provided by your academic institution. If you’d like to run these on a local ESXi server instead, grab VMware vCenter Converter Standalone to convert them to the correct format. (You’ll need to register a free account with VMware to download ESXi and vCenter Converter).