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Scenario and Rule clarifications for the 2013 National Cyber Defense Competition.


Hello everyone!

After the NCDC this weekend, we decided it would be nice to have a place to congregate and have informal discussion about the event, and about future events.  We have started a channel on IRC at freenode.  Details below:

Channel:  #isucdc
Password: (currently no password)

Hop on and give your praises, express your concerns, and suggest improvements!

VM Disk Size

There has been many questions about the 20GB disk size regulation.  Here is how it is stated currently:

“When creating a virtual hard drive, you are required to use the “Thin Provision” option and to make the drive no larger than 20GB in size. Your total disk usage must remain under 160GB.”
We have decided to change it.  The important part is the 160GB limit as well as the thin provisioning. Here is the revised sentence:
“When creating a virtual hard drive, you are required to use the “Thin Provision” option. Your total diskusage for all VMs must remain under 160GB.”

IScorE Now Online!

IScorE, our CDC scoring application, is now online!
During the setup phase there are a few things on IScorE that you need to pay attention to:
  • Your flags. You will find a link to download them.  You must place these on your servers in the spots specified in the Rules Doc.
  • Dave and Susie’s passwords.  These are located on your dashboard under your team’s information.
  • User Social Security numbers.  These are located near the passwords.  You must use these SSNs when creating users in the Payroll app.
  • Service status.  Check to see if our scanner picks up your services so that you get points!  The scanner scans every 10 minutes during setup, and every 5 minutes during the attack phase.
  • Team information.  Feel free to upload a picture, it will display next to your team on the scoreboard.
Here’s the link:  Use the same credentials that you use to login to RDP and vCenter.
IScorE is relatively new (just over a year old!) compared to our CDCs.  It is still under active development, and as the lead developer of the project I love getting feedback.  If you have any problems with IScorE, encounter something that is confusing, or have ideas for new features, pleaselet us know!  You can email all the developers at or talk to me personally.

NTP Server Now Available

Is the white team running an NTP server available to the blue teams to use? This would help us coordinate our logs, events and activities with white teams records of events.

Yes! An NTP server is now available at, or (the proxy server).

On Windows, right-click the clock, choose “Adjust date/time”, then click on the “Internet Time” tab.

On *nix systems, install ntpdate to easily synchronize with our server:


You can also install an NTP daemon to sync automatically upon startup. See the documentation associated with your distro for more information.

Can you provide KMS information so we can keep our Windows Servers from locking up in three days?

ISU does not have a KMS server that licenses Windows Server installs. The ISOs we provided for 2008 R2 will be good for 30 days without entering a key. Just to verify this, I accessed your two active Windows VMs (RDP and your DC rebuild); both report that they are set to 30-day expiration. In the event that those do start complaining sooner, you can always re-arm as well using: slmgr.vbs /rearm

Shell Server Test Script now available!

The script to test your shell server is now available from inside the ISEAGE network at

You can grab and run this easily via command line (assuming you’ve set up your network interface properly):

chmod +x

Please note the difference between the java runtime (java) and java compiler (javac), as you will need both to function correctly!

The script automatically generates and deletes source files to run its tests. If you’d prefer to use these files for troubleshooting, simply set the PRESERVE variable near the beginning of the script to 1.

If you’d like to examine it on your local machine, it is also available here: compile_test.sh_.txt Remove the “_.txt” ending before running it.