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Fall ISU CDC 2013 Shell Server Git Repository and Flag

There was an error when setting up the git repository on the shell server.  It is empty.  We need to put the correct code there as well as commit and push the flag that belongs in the repository.

Follow these instructions.  Note the first block must happen on the shell server, the second block can happen on any machine that can access the shell server (including your laptop if it is running a flavor linux/unix and has git):

export HTTPS_PROXY=""
git clone
cd Blackbook
cp -r .git/ /home/git/webapp.git
cd /home/git/webapp.git
git update-server-info
git --git-dir=/home/git/webapp.git config core.bare true

Note: “path/to/flag_file.flag” is a placeholder for wherever your flag file is currently on the file system.

git clone
cd webapp
mv /path/to/flag_file.flag .
git add flag_file.flag
git commit -m "Adding flag"
git push origin

Note: The author of the shell box would like to point out that this was not his mistake.

Connecting to the ISEAGE VPN

ISEAGE now supplies a VPN to connect your machine directly into the management range.  This will allow your machine to access everything on the competition range.

Viscosity is a fantastic VPN client for all platforms, however it is not free.  If you would like to use Viscosity, you can import this connection file. It should work out of the box with that connection file.

OpenVPN Connect is another decent VPN client.  Simply install the client, download this connection configuration file, and double click it to open it with the OpenVPN client.  You will also need the CA certificate file linked below. Extract it into the same directory as the configuration file.

If you don’t want to use either of those clients, you can use another openVPN client of your choice.  Here are the configuration options you will need:

CA certificate file: download here.

route-gateway dhcp
remote 1194 udp
ca iseage-ca.crt
redirect-gateway def1
dev tun
dhcp-option DNS

After configuring your client, connect to the VPN. It will prompt you for a username and password. Use the same credentials as you use to connect to IScorE/RDP/vCenter. Do not include the “ISEAGE\” part before your username.

LDAP Check Fixed

Hello participants – a quick note!

The LDAP check was broken because it was still using the old domain scheme for its queries ( instead of  The problem has been fixed and now some Active Directory servers are scanning as up!

Tutorial: Connect to Support Chat with Adium for Mac OS X

Here is a quick guide for connecting to the support chat server with Adium, a multi-chat client for Mac OS X.

First, launch Adium and go to Preferences –> Accounts.  Click the ‘+’ to add an account.  Choose ‘XMPP’ for account type.


Enter your account name.  This will be <your_username>


Next click the ‘Options’ tab and enter the server and port as seen below.  Server should be “” and port should be 5222:


You may now click ‘OK’ to add the new account.

Now you are ready to join a chatroom.  Go to File –> Join Group Chat… Choose the account you just created from the account dropdown list if it isn’t already selected.
Type in the chatroom name such as ‘supportchat’ or ‘ita_cyber_defense’.  The server must be set to “”.  Handle will be your nickname upon joining.


Repeat the last step for every chat room you want to join.

Congratulations! You’re finished!

Tutorial: Connect to Support Chat with Mac OS X Messages

Here is a quick guide for connecting to the support chat server with Mac OS X Messages application.

First, launch messages and go to Preferences –> Accounts.  Click the ‘+’ to add an account.



The account name should be <your_username> as shown in the following screenshot.  The server should be “”:



Next, do File –> Go To Chatroom… or use the keyboard shortcut COMMAND-R to join a chatroom.  The room name will be “<name_of_chatroom>”:


Repeat the last step for every chat room you want to join.

Congratulations! You’re finished!


Hello everyone!

After the NCDC this weekend, we decided it would be nice to have a place to congregate and have informal discussion about the event, and about future events.  We have started a channel on IRC at freenode.  Details below:

Channel:  #isucdc
Password: (currently no password)

Hop on and give your praises, express your concerns, and suggest improvements!

VM Disk Size

There has been many questions about the 20GB disk size regulation.  Here is how it is stated currently:

“When creating a virtual hard drive, you are required to use the “Thin Provision” option and to make the drive no larger than 20GB in size. Your total disk usage must remain under 160GB.”
We have decided to change it.  The important part is the 160GB limit as well as the thin provisioning. Here is the revised sentence:
“When creating a virtual hard drive, you are required to use the “Thin Provision” option. Your total diskusage for all VMs must remain under 160GB.”

IScorE Now Online!

IScorE, our CDC scoring application, is now online!
During the setup phase there are a few things on IScorE that you need to pay attention to:
  • Your flags. You will find a link to download them.  You must place these on your servers in the spots specified in the Rules Doc.
  • Dave and Susie’s passwords.  These are located on your dashboard under your team’s information.
  • User Social Security numbers.  These are located near the passwords.  You must use these SSNs when creating users in the Payroll app.
  • Service status.  Check to see if our scanner picks up your services so that you get points!  The scanner scans every 10 minutes during setup, and every 5 minutes during the attack phase.
  • Team information.  Feel free to upload a picture, it will display next to your team on the scoreboard.
Here’s the link:  Use the same credentials that you use to login to RDP and vCenter.
IScorE is relatively new (just over a year old!) compared to our CDCs.  It is still under active development, and as the lead developer of the project I love getting feedback.  If you have any problems with IScorE, encounter something that is confusing, or have ideas for new features, pleaselet us know!  You can email all the developers at or talk to me personally.