IScorE Now Online!

IScorE, our CDC scoring application, is now online!
During the setup phase there are a few things on IScorE that you need to pay attention to:
  • Your flags. You will find a link to download them.  You must place these on your servers in the spots specified in the Rules Doc.
  • Dave and Susie’s passwords.  These are located on your dashboard under your team’s information.
  • User Social Security numbers.  These are located near the passwords.  You must use these SSNs when creating users in the Payroll app.
  • Service status.  Check to see if our scanner picks up your services so that you get points!  The scanner scans every 10 minutes during setup, and every 5 minutes during the attack phase.
  • Team information.  Feel free to upload a picture, it will display next to your team on the scoreboard.
Here’s the link:  Use the same credentials that you use to login to RDP and vCenter.
IScorE is relatively new (just over a year old!) compared to our CDCs.  It is still under active development, and as the lead developer of the project I love getting feedback.  If you have any problems with IScorE, encounter something that is confusing, or have ideas for new features, pleaselet us know!  You can email all the developers at or talk to me personally.

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