Add Students to Active Directory

You will be expected to have students in your Active Directory server.  Please follow the directions below to add them.


You will need the files AddUsersAD.ps1 and Users_CURRENT.csv, they are located in the scenario folder.

  1. Log in as an Administrator on your Active Directory VM.
  2. Download the files from the scenario folder
  3. Open PowerShell in the current directory (type cd C:\%userprofile%\Downloads to get to the downloads folder)
  4. Edit line 5 of the script and change team42 to teamN, where N is your team’s number.
  5. Execute the PowerShell script .\AddUsersAD.ps1

Users should now be imported into Active Directory. Verify this by opening up the server manager and looking at the user list.
Note: you might need to modify the script to fit your need.

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